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History of Flash Our Mascot

Flash (The Chief’s Flashover was his registered name) joined the Parker Fire Protection District in the late 1980s and lived at the fire station located on Pine Drive in Parker.  As the resident firefighter dog, he took it upon himself to become the greeter for all of the children’s classes and tours. He loved the visitors and was extremely gentle no matter the size of the crowd, or the number of people wanting to pet him.

Flash appeared in several of the Parker Day’s Parades and thought he had a permanent place on the fire engine. Battalion Chief Jim Drummond and his wife Mary Jane took Flash to live with them after Flash developed the habit of wandering on to Pine Drive and was retrieved by Parker Police a few times. Certainly his safety was paramount!

Flash would return to the fire station to visit his friends, whom he never forgot. In 1991, the Adam and Dorothy Miller Lifesafety Education Center, Inc. adopted him as their official mascot.