1. License to Survive Seminars

    ThunderRidge HS 03/01/18
    Legend HS 03/29/18
    Highlands Ranch HS 04/26/18
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
    A free informational seminar for parents and teens. Learn about the Colorado permit and license process and how to avoid the
     pitfalls of teen driving! 

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    Teens Take the Wheel
    4/16/2018 Parker Adventist Hospital

    Learn about Colorado’s Graduated Driver’s Licensing Law
    Participate in distracted driving
    simulations and games

    Take part in the “What Do You
    Consider Lethal?” presentation

    Witness a mock teen crash trauma
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At the Foundation...

  1. Learn Hands-only CPR!
    The life you save is most likely to be a loved one.