At the Foundation...

  1. Get Ready for Winter Driving with an
    Advanced Driving Class!

    Adult/Senior Driving Skills 
    is a hands-on driving class, perfect for adults age 22 and over, who would like to improve their ability to handle challenging winter driving situations.
    Click for more information on Adult Driving!

    Teen Driving Skills 
    is a hands-on driving class, perfect for permitted and licensed teen drivers between 15 and 22 years of age.  Additional class time is provided to allow more time to learn defensive driving skills and crash avoidance techniques.  Scholarships available!
    Click for more information on Teen Driving!
    Skid Car Class
    utilizes a specially designed car to simulate winter driving conditions. The amount of skid is controlled by the instructor allowing the student learn different techniques to regain control of the vehicle. This is as close to learning how to drive on ice as you will get in a controlled and safe environment.  


    These programs are hosted by the South Metro Safety Foundation and South Metro Fire Rescue Authority. State Farm® provided $15,000 in grant funds for scholarships and cost reductions through their Celebrate My Drive Campaign.

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